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life not just from within 43

May 1, 2017

Sachi tells Stephen that Matsu has taught her that “life is not just from within, it extends all around you, whether you wish it or not” (43).  At this point in his stay at Tarumi, how much do you think Stephen needs to hear it?  How open is he to this lesson at this moment?  What makes you think these things about Stephen?

One Comment
  1. Since Stephen has arrived in Tarumi, he writes of the the growing presence of loneliness. After Sachi shares how her disease has placed her far away from loved ones, Stephen feels a connection to her. When Sachi explains that, “life is not just from within, it extends all around you, whether you wish it or not” (43), it inspires Stephen to seek joy in the place of dwelling on loneliness.
    I think it is vital that Stephen hears this message, because he is struggling to enjoy his present situation in Tarumi (isolated from his family and friends). I think he wants to be open to this idea, because dwelling on his sadness has not made Stephen’s situation improve. He trusts Sachi, and hearing this inspiring message from a trusted friend will motivate Stephen to change his ways.
    I think that Stephen yearns for more out of his the new stage of his life. His journal entries indicate that he wants to create; he loves art and writing. This love of creating cannot be useful to him if he spends time worrying about improving his situation. If he takes Sachi’s advice and realizes that he is in charge of his life, then I feel that he will feel much happier and fulfilled in Tarumi. Stephen wants his situation to improve, which is why I think that he will heed Sachi’s advice.

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