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richness and mystery 31

May 1, 2017

I am impressed with Stephen’s approach to life and its surprises.  He seems hopeful, optimistic and open-minded.  For example, after visiting Sachi for the first time,  he says, in what looks to me like a remarkably mature moment, that Sachi had “instilled a sense of richness and mystery in Tarumi” (31)–from the moment he met her.  This statement almost sounds too mature, too sophisticated for this young man.  Am I not giving him enough credit?  He does have an artistic sensibility, but this declaration does not ring entirely true to me.   What do you think?


From → Frankenstein

  1. Kate Waters permalink

    There are some moments when Stephen does seem too old for his character. This is due to the fact that he is having to face more right now then some people do in their whole lives. He is sick, away from his home, and finds out that he has family problems. However, as a whole, there are still elements of his child-like presence. He does not know how to react around girls and does not want to scare them off. Seeing apparitions during his sickness also shows a younger presence. This change between mature and immature is a very unique quality in Stephen.

  2. Gracie Stovall permalink

    I feel as if the maturity of Stephen comes from his situation. It is almost as if he grew up/ matured due to the fact he is sick and away from the people he loves. He is trying to be alright and trying to act mature, but his childish side comes outs, still, since he has not fully matured into his adult self.

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